Smart Energy

As global energy consumption continues to grow; energy companies are striving to create a more sustainable energy market and reduce their carbon footprint. This highlights a critical need for safe and cost-effective energy solutions that offer increased reliability and efficiency.

For who?

Energy suppliers

Our smart grid and smart metering solutions are developed both internally and in cooperation with external partners for smart grids and industrial customers. The range of innovative solutions can be installed in a wide variety of sectors of the energy industry, including oil and gas, wind and solar energy, biogas, and power plants.


Control and optimization

Additionally, we offer complete solutions for the control and optimization of energy networks and generators, such as low-voltage network management, network control stations for electricity, gas, heat and water infrastructure, virtual power plants and micro grids.


Meter Data Management System

We are proud to supply energy providers throughout Europe, including Linz Netz, which supplies electricity to around 440,000 people in Austria. We are currently supporting Linz Netz in delivering more than 80,000 smart meters to its customers and putting them into operation by the end of 2022.

The usage of an intelligent energy management system (Meter Data Management System) provides our customers with flexible tariff models, an up-to-date overview of energy consumption, additional energy savings, improved billing capabilities, as well as efficient and secure grid operation.

Why choose S&T?

Providing smart energy solutions


Effective with no extra costs

Helping utilities providers prepare for the future of the smart energy grid by providing cost-effective, yet completely reliable connectivity for its customers.

Strong resiliency

Kontron solutions are also able to withstand the stress of mechanical shock and vibration, temperature, airborne dust and other adverse conditions in the operating environment, standing out among its competitors.